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Literacy Resource Links and
Literacy Issues in Our Country

Here are some links we have found important that deal with literacy concerns. These represent resources that may be of use when addressing issues of literacy.


In Southwestern New Mexico –

Literacy Link Leamos


All About Adolescent Literacy


National Institute of Literacy



Why C.L.I.M.B. by Serina
(and A.P.P.L.E., a sister overall program, by Serina-Co-Founder and Marissa-Co-Founder)


Literacy is a huge social concern!


Low literacy levels in New Mexico are a real concern.  We wanted to become involved in a solution because statistics illustrate the following:


o   According to the National Center for Educational Statistics by State Master, New Mexico is ranked 48th in the country with its literacy level


o   Only 51% of adults have better than a 4th grade reading level and 40% of students will drop out of school in New Mexico!


o   Public library visits by New Mexico residents rank the state 41st, with an average of only 3.4 visits per year as people just are not reading very much


o   According to New Mexico Literacy Profile Figures for literacy levels are based on census data and results from the National Adult Literacy Survey reported in The State of Literacy in America, New Mexico is in a crisis concerning its literacy levels


o   Statistics illustrate that 46% of New Mexicans are functionally illiterate


o   It is estimated that almost 900,000 adults in New Mexico are in need of literacy services


o   Statewide, 25% of adults age 21 or older lack a high school diploma or its equivalent, which is greatly believed to be contribute d to by the inability to read and lack of being able to be employed



Literacy Scales – How Literacy is Evaluated


o   Literacy Scales -- Each literacy level is associated with a specific set of skills that are generally accepted as necessary for full participation in society.   Individuals at level 1, for example,  have difficulty locating simple information in a news article or applying basic math to determine the total on a sales receipt


o   Within New Mexico, level 1 estimates range from a low of 5% in Los Alamos County to a high of 35% in Luna County.  An in Grant County, where Cliff Schools are located, literacy levels of Grant County are estimated to be 22%


o   20% of New Mexicans age 16 and older have literacy skills at level 1, the lowest level on a scale of 1 to 5


o   In terms of literacy level 2, 46% of New Mexico's population is at this level or below


o   Research shows that nearly two-thirds (64%) of all jobs today require literacy skills beyond level 2, while only 12% require skills at level 1 and 24% at level 2, according to a study by the Milken Institute



There is a very serious concern in New Mexico to raise literacy levels so our communities and our state can prosper in challenging economic times.  With more than 27% of New Mexico children living in poverty, it is believed that the road to a better life comes through increasing literacy levels. 


This project is one small vision of how to encourage youth to read and prosper a passion for reading to hopefully raise literacy levels. Yet, with so many activities for youth to do, reading often doesn't have a priority in their lives. And with over 42% of adults and children in Grant County speaking a language other than English at home, greater support systems and motivational reading programs need to be implemented. The A.P.P.L.E. program is designed to help.


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