Read for Joy is part of  CLIMB 
which is stands for Creative Literacy in Motivating Book Reading.

I have been working extremely hard to promote reading for all people. This has been done through workshops, special presentations, and many booths/public events to promote the awareness of the literacy crisis facing our country.

The program has a workshop series associated with it that inspires children to read through art. More than 350 children have been through this program.  Classroom kits have been developed and the program is hoped to be taken statewide soon.

 The program has distributed thousands of book during this several years and continues to do so through County Wide and School Book Exchanges and adopted book exchanges in many other communities in other parts of southwestern United States.

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Read for Joy!
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Welcome to
"Read for Joy"
by founder Serina Lee Pack

This website is dedicated to sharing ideas about work being done to motivate children to read through programs such as
"For the Love of Art and Read for Joy Program" and to motivate other youth leaders to take up causes in their communities to make the world a better place.

 Maybe you will be inspired to create similar programs in your communities or implement these concepts.  I encourage youth to become leaders and take on social issues, such as low reading literacy rates facing our country. I have given more than 1000 hours of service to this cause and have even been invited to the White House to meet President Obama to discuss and have been recognized by literacy initiative. (photo above)  You may even find yourself talking with your U.S. Senator, such as I did with Senator Bingaman. (photo below)   

Your work can take you to places, too, and most of all it will touch your heart forever by the children whose lives you will touch.

"Be the change you want to see in the world" --
One of my favorite quotes by Gandhi 

Read for Joy
is C.L.I.M.B.
Creative Literacy in Motivating Book Reading


I believe that each of us have the power to make a difference in the world around us. I specifically created CLIMB and many programs within it, designed to target children 12 and under, to hopefully inspire them to read. I understand, we, as a state and a country, have to address the low literacy levels facing our communities. If I can do one small part to inspire children to read and strive to overcome reading challenges, then my vision of Read For Joy -- CLIMB will be a success. 
To date, more than 350 children have been through my program and more than 15,000 books have been distributed. I have give numerous presentations over several years talking about low literacy rates facing our country and why it is so important that we raise our reading literacy levels if we are to be successful as individuals and a country.

Giving Hands Mural

New: Inspiring youth to become Servant Youth Leaders through art.  I want to continue to expand my reading literacy workshops, but also to inspire youth leaders to take up the cause with me.  I will be traveling the state of New Mexico, talking with youth leaders about doing service in their communities, while collecting their hand prints in tile to create a mural called the
"Giving Hands" mural to be erected in my hometown.  This mural will be a pledge from youth to always remember to "give back" in their communities, to address social issues, whether it be literacy or other issues, and to
also thank our Veterans for their service to our country.  Without our Veterans and active service men and women, we would not have the rights and freedoms we have in America.
Let us always honor them and let us work together to overcome huge societal problems by giving back!

I have found that if you make it fun and motivational,  
kids will want to do whatever you are doing more.  So with reading, make it fun and they will inspire to read more! 

Never underestimate the power of being a Youth Role Model working with younger children!

New CLIMB Workshops will continue each school year if funding can be found. I especially want to offer this program to new school districts where there is significant reading challenges present  with low-income/minority families who are in need or where there are special needs children struggling with reading competency.

"For the Love of Art and the Read for Joy Programs"
have been offered since 2010 to more than 350 students.

(At each workshop each child receives a free book-courtesy of Literacy Link Leamos, free watercolor set, and has the opportunity to create a painting after reading a fun book with Serina and other Youth Mentors. The children's art is then matted/mounted for display in an art show and created into a calendar.
(All free to participants)

Appreciation is given to Mimbres Region Arts Council, Literacy Link Leamos, Silver City Public Library, Kiwanis Club, American Legion Post 18 and the auxiliary, and many others!

To get involved, make a donation of books, art supplies, printing supplies, framing supplies, or financially--to learn more, email Serina at

You can make a difference, too!

   I challenge all youth to become teen mentors and encourage children to read--spread the passion and importance of reading! Volunteer today and you can make a difference in the lives of others! -Serina Pack

These are examples of children's art created from reading workshops. Special workshops are taught with specific books such as Mahalia Mouse Goes to College that focuses on following your dreams, the importance of education and graduation.  The other book used is My Dad, John McCain that talked about strong family values and patriotism. Participants get to learn about what it is to serve your country, but also what it is be have strong family values and care for your country. After reading with youth mentors, discussing the meanings of the books, children get to illustrate a favorite scene or thought from the book.
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